Natural And Sustainably Good

We’re proud to be Malaysian born and bred, and we believe that our products should also bring benefit to the communities we call home. Here are some of the ways that we’re spreading natural goodness in Malaysia, sustainably.

Our Commitment

Sustainability is more than just sun and soil; it's also ensuring that the lives of this generation is better than the last. At Farm Fresh, we’re committed to generating beneficial and sustainable outcomes for our customers, staff, local communities and the planet in several key ways.

38_Sustainable Outcomes

Regenerative Dairy Farming

We aim to maintain balance and equilibrium with the land upon which we produce, and have introduced regenerative dairy farming practices to achieve this.

By reusing the waste generated on our farms, we can maximise the nutrition that remains in our production cycle. This nourishes our feed and in turn our cows, meaning better dairy for our customers.

Looking into the future, we plan to further our regenerative agricultural practices by installing a biogas plant to convert farm manure into fuel for power generation, thus reducing our carbon footprint substantially as well.

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Looking After Our Ladies

Our cows are the foundation of our business, and we take great care to ensure that they are comfortable and healthy at all times.

All our cows are nourished with feed containing essential nutrients to support the development of their immune system and optimise milk yield, supplemented by grass that is grown on our farms and organically fertilised. To counter the heat of our tropical climate, they are housed in tunnel-ventilation barns for cooling, while also given ample time outside to graze, which supports their physical and mental health. Meanwhile, dedicated animal health care teams are situated at all our farms to perform regular health checks and carry out essential veterinary services.

We are proud to be a regional leader in animal welfare practices, with our comprehensive approach resulting in us becoming the first dairy company in Asia to receive the internationally recognised Certified Humane® accreditation.

Nurturing 'Generasi Farm Fresh'

As Malaysia’s No. 1 fresh dairy brand, we are committed to nurturing a healthier and happier Generasi Farm Fresh.​


This starts with ensuring that all our products are free of preservatives, colourings and other unnatural ingredients, and educating our customers about the benefits of fresh dairy when compared to reconstituted or powdered dairy.​

We play key leading roles in government youth nutrition initiatives, specifically two school programmes which promote better nutrition and health amongst youth. Aside from working with the Malaysian Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health on their Amalan Perkhidmatan Kantin Terbaik campaign,  we have also supplied 200ml UHT chocolate milk packets to primary school students in rural and low-income areas as part of the Malaysian Ministry of Education's Rancangan Makanan Tambahan (RMT) supplementary food programme.​

Empowering Female EntrePreneurs


In seeking to use our nationwide presence to generate value at all levels of society, the first people we thought of were the ones with great standing and respect in their communities - women and particularly housewives.

Thanks to the Farm Fresh Home Dealer Network, many female micro-entrepreneurs based outside urban areas have been able to generate a steady income and improve their livelihood by stocking and distributing our products within their local communities.

The network generated a total of RM48.8 million in income for micro-entrepreneurs in 2020 and, as a recognition of our work, we were awarded under the category of ‘Inclusive Business’ at the 2020 ASEAN Business Awards (ABA).

Farm Fresh Home Dealer Network

  1. A platform for micro-entrepreneurs to make a living by selling Farm Fresh products within their local communities
  2. Micro-entrepreneurs can earn up to RM5,000 per month
  3. Regional stockists who supply them can earn up to RM25,000 per month

Creating Shared Value for Rural Farmers

Our rural farmer network is a gamechanger for dairy farmers across Malaysia, providing them with a stable market for their products and the opportunity to continually improve the quality of their dairy.

At the heart of this initiative is a commitment to purchasing the milk they produce at above the prevailing market price; a policy that has led to the generation of RM38.1 million in additional income for rural farmers since its inception in 2013. However, the benefits go beyond the financial alone, as we provide our rural farmers with ongoing mentorship, technical support and access to innovative technology which improves their milk yield and quality.

It’s just another way that we are contributing to stronger and more resilient local communities.


Providing Rural Employment Opportunities

In 2015, we were appointed the anchor company for the Muadzam Shah Cattle Research and Innovation Centre (MSCRIC) under the East Coast Economic Region Development Council (ECERDC), a human capital development programme aimed at improving economic opportunities offered to residents of the traditionally underserved East Coast region of Malaysia.

This led to the opening of our Muadzam Shah farm, which provides stable and meaningful employment opportunities to the local community, including members of the indigenous Orang Asli groups in the area. Since the farm’s opening, we have employed over 200 new staff, empowering them with upskilling and vocational training opportunities which widen their skillset and future employability.