Only Necessities are Necessary

We understand how important it is to give your child the right start with the right nutrition. So we made a growing up milk that contains only necessities. All the essential vitamins and nutrients your child needs to support their optimal growth and development, and nothing else.

What's Not in our Growing Up Milk

Maltodextrin. Vegetable Oil. Calcium Carbonate from Limestone. These are ingredients that you won’t ever find in our growing up milk, simply because there’s no need for them to be there. When consumed in excess over time, these ingredients can have harmful effects. But what exactly are these ingredients?

Maltodextrin is a type of processed sugar made from starch, and is commonly used as a replacement for natural milk lactose in growing up milk and labelled as Carbohydrate. It has a high Glycemic Index (GI) of between 80-120, much higher than table sugar at 65, and contains no nutritional value. It’s best to limit foods or drinks made with maltodextrin to occasional treats. Not specifically because they contain the additive, but because they’re usually highly processed foods that are less healthy than whole foods.

Apart from being used for cooking, Vegetable Oil is also often used as an ingredient to replace the natural dairy fat that has been skimmed off from whole milk powder.

But the natural-occurring dairy fat is far more alike to human breast milk and is the better, natural, and healthier choice for kids.

Calcium Carbonate is a type of calcium obtained from ground limestone. It’s commonly used as a dietary supplement for natural calcium because it is both inexpensive and easily sourced. It’s also regularly used as a food additive in the form of an anti-caking agent, and also food coloring for making pearly-white confectionaries.
Give your child the goodness they deserve with NEW Farm Fresh Grow UHT Formulated Milk.

A truly #honestmilk that contains only necessities