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With Farm Fresh Grow,


That’s why Farm Fresh Grow UHT is made with natural cow’s milk that’s packed with DHA (Algae), Inulin Fibre, natural source of Calcium and Vitamin D for optimum growth, protein and fortified with 22 added vitamins and minerals.

Farm Fresh Grow UHT is now embraced and accepted by a growing number of families, as our mission to deliver good milk to children is already becoming a reality.


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Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

What makes Farm Fresh Grow so honestly good?

The simple fact that it contains the necessary nutrients your child needs to support their healthy development and nothing else!

Comparing the Goodness of Farm Fresh Grow

Goodness Made Great
with Farm Fresh Grow

The goodness of Farm Fresh Grow is clear when compared side-by-side against its peers!

Not only does Farm Fresh Grow have one of the highest* Vitamin D3 and Protein to improve your child’s overall growth and strengthen their bones and teeth, it also has the lowest* amount of carbohydrates!

And that’s not all! Every pack of Farm Fresh Grow also contains DHA (Algae), Inulin Fibre, natural calcium phosphate from pure dairy milk, and is fortified with 22 added vitamins and minerals! All to give your child the goodness they need to grow up happy and healthy.

MOOOVING Your Child to Farm Fresh Grow

Making the MOOOOOVE
to Farm Fresh Grow

We understand that switching your child to a new milk formula isn’t always easy, especially when they’re already used to the sweet taste of most other growing up milks.

But it’s okay! We’ve prepared a handy feeding guide to help you and your child fully transition to the goodness of Farm Fresh Grow as smoothly as possible. It might take a little time and patience, but rest assured it’s definitely worthwhile in the end!

The Convenient Goodness of Farm Fresh Grow

Give your child the goodness of Farm Fresh Grow anytime, anywhere!

Farm Fresh Grow will be available in THREE convenient UHT pack formats!

How to serve, store and recycle Farm Fresh Grow packs:

  1. Give the pack a gentle shake before opening.
  2. Taste the milk before serving your child. Discard it if it tastes sour or if the pack is bloated.
  3. Once the pack is open, immediately transfer the milk into a glass, bottle, or cup. Farm Fresh Grow can be consumed at room temperature, warm or cold.
  4. To serve the milk warm, use a milk warmer 20 minutes before serving.
  5. Keep any leftovers in the refrigerator and consume completely within the next feed to ensure its freshness is still maintained.
  6. Recycle empty packs by flipping up its side tabs and flattening the pack. If the pack has a twist cap, remember to screw it back on before placing it in a paper recycling bin.
Keeping Farm Fresh Grow at its Freshest

Here’s how to keep
Farm Fresh Grow at its best.

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Where Can I Get the Goodness of Farm Fresh Grow?

From the farm,
right to your doorstep!

Enjoy the convenience of buying Farm Fresh Grow online or simply subscribe to our monthly delivery!

You most certainly can! However, we would advise you to introduce your child to a varied, healthy diet to encourage them to develop better eating habits. Should you require more information, do visit:

2) How much DHA can my child take in a day?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends:

  • 10-12mg/kg of DHA of children 6 months to 2 years of age
  • 100-150mg of EPA + DHA for children 2-4 years of age
3) Why is your protein content so high compared to other formula milk brands?

The amount of protein in fresh milk naturally ranges between 3.3g -3.8g, but it fluctuates depending on the milking season. We ensure that only the best milk from our ladies (cows) goes into each pack of Farm Fresh Grow, and nothing else.

4) Will this milk taste different from the normal fresh milk?

No. Rest assured that Farm Fresh Grow will taste absolutely the same as regular milk, as its main ingredient is still fresh milk.

5) What do you mean by pure dairy?

Pure dairy means dairy that contains all its natural dairy components (such as cream and protein) without them being replaced by ingredients like vegetable fat and calcium carbonate, or tarnished with sweeteners like maltodextrin, glucose or fructose syrup!

6) How do I transition my child from their current milk to Farm Fresh Grow?

It might take a little more time for your child to get used to the taste of Farm Fresh Grow due to their preference for the sweet taste of their current milk. But, not to worry! We’ve prepared a recommended feeding chart to help the transition process go along smoothly:


7) What is the likelihood of Farm Fresh Grow going bad before expiry date stated?

It is highly unlikely, provided that Farm Fresh Grow is stored at our recommended temperature and conditions.

8) If my child is lactose intolerant, is this product still suitable?

We do not encourage you to feed your child Farm Fresh Grow if they are lactose intolerant.

*This product is not lactose-free. It contains lactose, which is naturally occurring in milk.

9) Is there a milk subscription plan that I can buy for my child?

Yes! You can get monthly subscriptions of Farm Fresh Grow over on Subplace:

10) Can children above 6-years old drink Farm Fresh Grow?


11) Is Farm Fresh Grow like any ordinary fresh milk?

No. Because Farm Fresh Grow is even better! It’s fortified with all the necessary ingredients and nutrients your child needs to support their growth!

12) Why is the expiry date of this UHT milk so short compared to other UHT milks out there?

This is to ensure that your child will be able to enjoy the nutritional benefits of its fortified nutrients upon consumption.

13) Can I use this milk as a supporting ingredient to cook meals?

Yes, you can!

14) When is the best time to shift my child to Farm Fresh Grow?

We believe breast milk is the best for your child, but a good time to switch your child to Farm Fresh Grow is upon transitioning from breast milk to dairy milk.

15) Does my child need to avoid this milk if they have health conditions/diseases?


16) Can I feed my child their current formula milk alongside Farm Fresh Grow?

Yes, you can!

17) Will there be a formula powder version for Farm Fresh Grow?

Yes. Stay tuned! 😉