Keeping it Fresh!

Fresh dairy is a gift that comes to us tasty and pure, just as nature intended. In order to keep it that way, follow these simple steps.

For more handy tips on storing your dairy, check out this homemade video!


Purchase at the end of your shopping trip

In order to keep your milk or yogurt chilled, make sure to pick it up just as you are leaving the supermarket. Place it in your “chiller bag”. Some supermarkets do provide complimentary ice packs too!


Temperature Matters!

To prolong the life of your Farm Fresh dairy product, store at 4°C or lower. To get the lowest temperature, avoid storing your dairy on the door of your fridge. Instead, store it deep in your fridge where the temperature is at its lowest.


Open Cleanly

As we make dairy without harmful preservatives and milk solids, care must be taken to avoid contamination. To open your milk or yogurt cleanly, use a knife when opening the seal to avoid the transfer of hand borne germs.

*Please be careful when using a knife to open your bottle of Farm Fresh.

04-consume in 3 days

Consume within 3 days

To ensure the tastiest and creamist dairy for you and your family, try to consume our products within 3 days of opening it.


Do not mix dairy with meat or fish.

In order to avoid contamination of your freshly bought dairy, refrain from placing it on the same shelf as any meat or fish that you have in the fridge. To be specific, meat and dairy foods should be positioned in such a way that dairy liquid cannot leak onto meat products.