All our products are made from fresh milk, contain no preservatives and colorings and are freshly bottled before being transported to your local supermarket!

Our fresh milk products

We offer our pasteurised, farm fresh milk in full flavor and low fat varieties.


Full Cream Milk

Available in 2L and 1L

Lactose FC

Full Cream Milk Lactose Free

Available in 1L


Skinny Milk

Available in 2L and 1L

Lactose SM

Skinny Milk Lactose Free

Available in 1L

Yarra Farm Full Cream

Yarra Farm Full Cream Milk

Available in 1L

Yarra Farm Low Fat

Yarra Farm Low Fat Milk

Available in 1L

Master Barista

Master Barista Milk

Available in 1L


Chocolate Milk

Available in 1L and 200ml


Cafe Latte

Available in 700ml and 200ml


Kurma Milk

Available in 700ml and 200ml

Our yogurt-based products

We offer yogurts made using only the freshest milk with no preservatives and colorings added.


Yogurt Drink

Available in 700ml and 200ml


Natural Yogurt

Available in 1.5kg and 400g


Skinny Yogurt

Available in1.5kg and 400g

Farm Yogurt

Farm Yogurt

Available in 120gram

Greek Yogurt


Greek Yogurt

Available in 120gram

Our Goat’s milk products

Goat’s Milk is nutritionally wholesome, being high in calcium and full of nutrients, and is a viable alternative for many with lactose intolerance.

Nubian 200ml

Nubian Goat’s Milk

Available in 200g