How Fresh
Is Fresh?

Since we started Farm Fresh in 2009 we’ve had countless conversations with our valued customers about the wholesomeness of the milk that they consume. Here’s a little sample …

You claim that your milk is as fresh as can be. But what do you really mean?

We mean that if it was any fresher, you would have to milk it yourself!

Our milk goes from farm to shelf in just 48 hours, meaning that once it is milked it is chilled and prepared to be transported to our processing plant. There it is pasteurised and homogenised on that very day and sent out to your local retailer.

We can guarantee that within 2 days of milking your favourite Farm Fresh milk is ready to be displayed on a supermarket shelf near you.

To see this journey of freshness for yourself, check out this video!

Other brands claim that they are fresh as well…

But are they really? Most imported milk in Malaysian supermarkets comes from Australia or New Zealand, and goes through a long journey before it reaches your shelves. After being processed, it is transported by land to a port, and then shipped to Malaysia over the course of at least 3 weeks. After arriving, the milk must go through customs, be transported to a processing centre, processed again and only then sent to your local retailer. It’s a long trek for “fresh milk” to take, and on top of that the milk is often frozen during its journey, compromising its nutritional quality in the process.

At Farm Fresh, we take a better approach to fresh milk. Instead of importing Australian milk, we imported Australian cows! This cuts the journey of the milk from 2 weeks to just 2 days, and ensures that your milk is as fresh as can be. What’s more, by buying Farm Fresh you’re reducing your carbon footprint too!

That’s interesting. Give me another reason why I should choose Farm Fresh milk.

With pleasure! Take a look at the ingredients of other milk brands in the market. You’ll notice that many use “milk solids” as an ingredient (also known as “susu tepung” or “perpejal susu” in Bahasa Malaysia). Contrary to what you might think, this doesn’t mean that the milk is more “kaw” or contains more nutritional benefit. Rather, it means the dairy you’re consuming was dehydrated, turned into powder, transported to Malaysia, and then reconstituted upon arrival. An unappealing thought indeed!

The difference is so clear, even your kids can tell!

How can you verify this?

Just look at the label. Our milk is made from ‘100% Fresh Cow’s Milk”. Milk made from milk solids, on the other hand, will state that (or “susu tepung” or “perpejal susu”) in addition to a a much longer list of ingredients. From a nutritional standpoint, there really is no comparison.

OK…So what makes locally produced Farm Fresh milk truly wholesome*?

Its what our milk doesn’t contain that makes it wholesome:

No preservatives go into the production of our milk because it comes straight from our local farm.

No growth hormones – Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) is a genetically engineered artificial hormone used by many dairy operations to make cows produce more milk, and is currently permitted in the USA. Aside from the fact that it falsely increases the size of the cow whose milk you are consuming, rBGH has also been linked with various types of tumors and cancers. We do not use rBGH or any other growth hormones in our operations.

What’s left is milk that is very good for you. Think you know all of milk’s nutritional benefit? Take the nutrition challenge!

How about the wellbeing of your cows?

Our ‘ladies’, as we humanely call and treat them, roam freely and feed on green pasture covered with high protein grass. Additionally, we supplement their feed with rice bran and palm kernel meal for the nutritional needs too.

They quench their thirst with natural spring water of the surrounding highlands. The quality of what our ‘ladies’ consume impacts the quality of our dairy, and ultimately our own health.

From pasture to barn, our farmers uniquely understand the entire ecosystem to genuinely produce the sweetest, creamiest, healthiest and freshest milk that benefits human health.

And, if you’ve ever wondered what its like to be a Farm Fresh cow, this video might help!

This all sounds well and good so far, but what about recycling? Your products use plastic packaging which isn’t recyclable, right?

Actually, it is! The HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)# packaging for all of our products is easily recyclable as it consists only of plastic and does not need to be separated before being recycled. Paper-based packaging (a.k.a. Gable Top Cartons), on the other hand, contain two layers of low density Polyethylene which need to be separated from the paper before being recycled, making the process a lot harder. Surprising, right? Here’s a short video to help explain.

What’s more, when you consume a local product, you’re naturally creating a smaller carbon footprint!