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The Ministry of Health Malaysia recommends that infants should be exclusively breastfed until they reach 6 months old, and then breastfed with complementary foods until 2 years old. From 2 years old onwards, when your child is allowed to consume other milks, it’s crucial that you maintain your child’s healthy development.

Here’s when you should consider Farm Fresh milk. Compared to formula milk, Farm Fresh milk is a healthier and cost-effective choice for the continued growth of your little ones. And it all starts with good nutrition, fresh from the carton.

Why choose fresh milk instead of formula milk for kids?


tickEasily digestible – fresh milk contains more whey proteins, making it easier to digest compared to formula milk. Say goodbye to constipation issues!

tickNo hidden sugars – you may not be aware that many of the ingredients contained within formula milk are in fact forms of sugar disguised under different names. Maltodextrin, for example, is a food additive that is often used in combination with sweeteners. In addition, all additives ending with “-ose”, like fructose, maltose, dextrose, sucrose and lactose, are basically complicated words for sugar.

The thought of your child consuming ingredients which we do not fully understand is a scary one, but it isn’t even the biggest concern. More importantly, kids who start consuming large amounts of sugar from a young age can become dependent on it, and in the process develop any of a wide array of health problems in later life.

At Farm Fresh, we strongly encourage parents to choose the natural, fresh route, and to wean your child off sugars from a young age.

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Can my child even taste the difference?

Children have very sharp taste buds, and they can easily differentiate pure fresh milk from others. But what’s important is that you’re providing your child with a healthier difference.

Surely, all milks on refrigerated shelves are fresh right?

Thing is, not many people are aware that 90% of the dairy products on the shelves are made of reconstituted milk or ‘susu tepung’ in BM. Some may claim they are fresh even though additives are used to prolong its ‘freshness’.

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